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Goddess Andova hated her boss but he did not know it. He overworked her and underpaid her and above that, he had the audacity to seduce her. She saw it as a chance for her to teach him a lesson. So she pretended to want what he wanted and then she tied him down while naked and she peed into his mouth using a funnel. When she was done, she quit her job.

This mistress was shocked that her slave was clueless. He did not look that way when she hired him and she was pissed that she had made that mistake. It was her mistake but she took out her anger on him as opposed to herself. The mistress whipped his naked ass before she peed on him. It was brutal but he learned never to be clueless again as the consequences were grave.

Mistress Barbie knew that she had to get even with this loser and that is why she chose to use her pee to do it. He did not expect what she did to him and that was part of what made it a good punishment. The mistress threatened to shit on him and that made him cooperate with her and do things the way she asked him. He drank it gladly.

Mistress Valeria wanted to use her pee to pass a message to her slave. She had tried other ways but she had not been successful. So she had to try something else and that is why she chose to use pee. The mistress had fun peeing on the loser and watching him drink her urine as well as lick the one that found its way to the floor. It was total humiliation and he got the message loud and clear.

Mistress Elisa was not pleased with how this slave had been acting. She had forgiven him for long and it was now time for her to teach him a lesson. And she did it in a way he never expected. The mistress cruelly made him drink her urine and she also showered him with it. He was humiliated like never before and he learned never to mess with her again.

When this mistress learned that she was being taken for a ride by her slave, she resorted to teaching him a lesson he had never been taught before. And she did this using her pee. She peed on him and she made him drink it. The entire day, the mistress made sure he only drank her urine. There was no alternative for him and that is how he learned his lesson.

Lady Scarlet was fed up with dating someone who was slow and she used her pee fetish to show him how much she wanted him to improve his mind by reading more and trying to gain new knowledge. The mistress made him lie on the floor and she tied him up before she peed on his face and also into his mouth. She warned him of shitting on hm if he did not change.

These mistresses wanted to try pee fetish so they peed on each other and had fun with it as they made out. They were turned on by all the stuff they did and within a few minutes they could not hold on and they had to take out a huge dildo and fuck it. They had a great time and had great orgasms trying out naughty things they had not done before.

This mistress was interested in trying out something she had never done before. She was bored and she had all the time in the world. And she used it to have the fun she wanted. She had been meaning to try pee fetish and today she did it. The mistress even went ahead to tape herself and then watch her performance to judge herself and make improvements where she deemed it necessary.

This guy had a girlfriend who loved to be fucked hardcore. She was always telling him to try new things and she got fed up of being asked that. So today he did it without her expecting it. He choked her and pulled her hair as he fucked her hard and even peed on her face and on her hair. It was such a turn on for both of them and was their best sex ever.

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