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This mistress loves to play pranks on people and that is what she did today to her boyfriend. He had played a prank on her and she did not show any signs of wanting to revenge. She waited till he had forgotten about it and she peed into a jar and she mixed it with his drink and she gave it to him. He did not notice anything and she told him what she had done the following day.

This guy seduced mistress Giorgia and he told her how he was going to blow her mind away. She turned it round and she told him she was the one to blow his mind away and fuck his brains out but if he passed her test. He had to try it so he agreed to be tested. She stripped him naked and she crushed his nuts and pinched his nipples. She had pegs on his ball sack too before she peed into his mouth. He braved it all and she liked it. She then made it up to him by fucking the hell out of him. The fuck was worth the pain.

Mistress Nikki wanted to test this old guy to determine whether he could handle having fun with her. She told him she was not his typical girl and he said he could handle it. So she surprised him by kicking him in the nuts. He felt excruciating pain but he braved it. She then made him lick her armpits and he did not mind. She slapped him and he took it bravely too. She finally pissed on him and he seemed to be turned on by it. The mistress knew they would have a lot of fun together.

Princess Nikki wanted to make a hot piss movie. She videotaped herself undressing and playing with her pussy. She then got losers to drink her urine. She made it naughty and even got the guys to lick her pussy so that she got more fun out of it and they got misery out of it. She even made them swallow her pussy discharge as she did not bother cleaning up beforehand.

Mistress Rosella and her friend were bored with being good girls and they chose to try something naughty. They jumped into the deep end by egging each other on to pee in public. They did not wear any underwear as they went to pee in public. The mistresses had fun exposing their pussies and peeing without caring who was watching them. When they were done pissing, they ran away to their car.

Mistress Dirty Tina was alone in the house and she knew she could be as naughty as she wanted to be. She undressed and she took some time to play with her pee. She did not care how it went as she knew no one was watching. But she remembered to tape herself so that she could review her performance. She peed on the floor and did it from crazy angles.

Mistress Gaia felt that this loser needed a new type of punishment. She was tired of the other ways of punishing him and she used her pee to send a message. So she turned him into a toilet slave and she took a piss on him. He had no choice but to drink her urine and do all that she ordered him including licking her pussy when he was done.

Lady Serena was shocked to learn that this guy had a thing for her pee. She tried to think about it but it did not make much sense to her. She chose to try it being an adventurous mistress so she went with the loser to his place and she peed on him. She actually enjoyed it but still wondered what was in it for him as he seemed to enjoy it more than he did. Probably it was being able to see her ass and pussy so close to him.

This mistress is a freaky girl. She is sexy and adventurous and that is why her boyfriend loves and adores her. She used pee fetish to turn him on today and she got him super turned on that he nearly came without her touching him. She peed on herself and she played with her pussy as she did. She left a little pee for him and he licked her pee.

Mistress Julia was enjoying the view out of her balcony when she felt like peeing. She did not want to leave the view because she knew that it would not be the same when she came back. She had never peed on herself so she gave it a try. She peed on herself as she went on enjoying the view. She felt great as the warm pee trickled down on her legs.

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