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There is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman that has to go to the bathroom. It is even better when she has to use the bathroom right on a slave's face. She is going to make sure that her slave knows his place and that he is to be nothing more than a human toilet for her and drink every single thing she puts in his mouth. She loves to dominate.

If you are a toiletman and like piss drinking, then you have come to the right place. This piss fetish queen is nice enough to piss in a glass for you. She pus the glass on the floor and positions her pussy over it. The golden nectar sprays out of her pussy and fills the glass. Now you have to drink this glass of pee, swallow every drop and lick it off the floor.

This cute brunette takes her toiletman into the bathroom. She makes him sit on the floor and tilt his head back. She exposed her bare pussy and ass and straddles his face. She sprays golden nectar out of her pussy and it fills the slave's mouth. He swallows mouthfuls of piss, but it is coming out too fast and gets all over his face and spills on the floor.

This toiletman loves pee drinking. He lies down with his arms at his side and lets piss fetish queens piss in his mouth. He just lies there as this girl gets nude and squats over his face. She uses facesitting to get her pussy nice and close to the slave's mouth. She sprays her golden nectar directly into his mouth. He swallows most of it, but some of it splashes on his face.

There are very few places where blonde piss fetish queen Lucilla does not piss. She especially loves pissing outdoors. She goes to a huge puddle of water and spreads her legs to show her bare pussy. She squats next to the water and starts spraying out her golden nectar. The piss can be heard splashing in the water as the gorgeous Lucilla empties her bladder for all to see.

This piss fetish queen has a toiletman who loves to drink her piss. He is very adamant about getting every bit of piss in his mouth. She stands in the floor with her feet apart. He slides under her legs and looks up at her pussy. He opens his mouth wide as it is filled up with her golden nectar. She pisses all over his face, but mostly in his mouth and he swallows it.

Lucilla relaxes outdoors in a comfortable hammock. She pulls her skirt up and she doesn't have any panties on. Suddenly, golden nectar starts spraying out of her pussy like a fountain. She keeps pissing and it gets all over her inner thighs and splatters all over the ground. She smiles because she is so happy to be satisfying her piss fetish. She really loves it when she pisses outdoors.

This man is experienced at toilet slavery. He has a piss fetish and likes to drink piss. The best way he likes to drink piss is right from the pussy. This piss fetish queen indulges him. She gets nude and starts facesitting on him with her pussy right in his face. She starts spraying out her hot piss. He starts drinking it and the golden nectar completely covers his face.

Lucilla is always looking for a new place to satisfy her piss fetish. Her favorite thing is pissing outdoors. She likes to feel the air on her pussy as she pisses. She goes to an underpass and squats down on the concrete. She spreads her pussy open and starts pissing everywhere. The pee splatters all over the concrete and starts running down the side while she watches it and gets horny.

This very cute and fair-skinned brunette has a fetish for making slaves drink her piss. She wants to make sure to get every drop in this slave's mouth. She practically sits on his face and puts her pussy directly over his mouth. The golden nectar comes spraying out. Much of the pee goes into his mouth and he swallows it. The rest of it splashes all over his face.

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