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These girls love to humiliate their piss slaves. They make a gag with a funnel attached and make him lie in a pool while they take turns spitting and pissing into their new human urinal. One by one the girls spit and piss in the human toilet making him drink every bit of their bodily fluids. They love to humiliate him by making him drink their pee and kick him afterwards.

Juliette drank plenty of water because she knew that her piss slave Bobby was coming over and he loves piss drinking. Bobby sits in her tub while she stands on the side spraying golden urine out of her pussy and all over his face. The hot piss splashes on his face and drips down his body and into the bathtub. After she's done pissing, he wipes up the remaining urine with his tongue.

Horny LIzzy Langley has a full bladder and starts pissing everywhere while wearing hot fishnets. She doesn't even take them off before she starts pissing. She finally strips naked and sits in her tub with her legs spread spraying piss everywhere. She continues to piss and her golden urine turns the bathtub yellow. She gets horny knowing that you are watching her piss so she masturbates until she cums.

This is the only place where you can watch Daria sitting on her toilet pissing. She sits in her bathroom naked with her perfect pussy pissing into the toilet. She sits and contemplates how many people are watching her piss as she fills her toilet up with her golden urine. This is one hot brunette and she knows how much you like watching her piss. She loves when people watch her peeing.

Gorgeous Princess Nikki spreads her beautiful pussy and pisses into a bowl. Her golden urine squirts out and fills the bowl almost to the top. She wants it nice and full so she can force her piss slave to drink it. When she sees him drinking mouthfuls of her hot piss, she gets so hot and horny that she shoves a dildo in her wet pussy until she cums.

Hot Jericha needs to give a piss sample to her doctor. She likes to examine herself taking a piss so she puts her twat close to the camera and fills a cup with her warm piss. She smells it and her golden urine smells delicious. Most people don't like giving urine samples, but it's a great excuse for Hot Jericha to enjoy the look and smell of her own hot piss.

Lady Jessica knows what she wants and you are going to give it to her. She wants to watch you drink her piss. She fills a glass to the rim with her golden urine and yells at you, commanding that you drink it. She loves to empty her bladder into a glass and make piss slaves like you drink it up by yelling insults at you until you do her bidding.

Lucilla loves outdoor pissing, but this time it had to be done. She was out in town with no toilet so she hides behind a tree and pisses all over the ground. Her wet pussy shines in the sunlight as the golden urine sprays out on to the ground. It might be an emergency but this hot outdoor pissing still feels good. Pissing outside for all the world to see.

There is no one better at piss drinking than my toilet man. He is my own personal human toilet piss slave who loves to lay down below me while I fill his slave mouth with my hot piss. He drinks my pee until every drop is gone. I wait until my bladder is full and I squat down over his mouth so I can make him drink mouthfuls of my urine like a human toilet.

Gorgeous brunette Diana Diamond came back from a hot party and she has to pee very bad. She is in her tight purple party dress and she lifts it up to show her plump ass cheeks and than pees for you. She tinkles her hot stream out of her pussy showing off her perfect ass for you. She pisses all of her dress and down onto the floor.

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