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The best thing about having a great ass for this mistress is the fact that she can have guys do anything she wants like drink her pee

This guy knew that this mistress had a pee fetish. He wanted to have a peek at her pussy so he pretended to have a pee drinking fetish so he could see her pussy

This slave cannot have peace. His mistress humiliates him everywhere. Today he was taking a shower and she came and made him drink her pee

This mistress loves to get her pussy licked. But she does not stop there. She likes to have a laugh by peeing into the slave's mouth and having him drink it

Weronika is a naughty and kinky mistress. She is turned on by weird things like when she farts and pees on a slave

Weronika had discovered pee fetishes on the internet. She wanted to try them so she got a slave and enjoyed making him drink and swallow her pee

Whenever this mistress is peeing on a slave or a loser, she also wants them to lick her pussy. She wants to feel good as they feel like shit

This mistress did not want her boyfriend to over drink. He was drunk and wanted another beer so instead of beer she gave him her pee to drink and he did not notice

This mistress woke up in the middle of the night wanting to pee and her slave who had not yet slept had to be her human toilet as she did not feel like going to the toilet

This mistress wanted a new way to humiliate her slave. She made him lie down like a patient and gave him her pee as a drip like it is done in hospitals

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