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Cruel Mistress has prepared a bowl of golden piss for her favorite slave. He is invited to her flat and has to sit down in the sofa and wait for her to get the piss. He is offered a decent size cup filled with her golden nectar. He has to drink it as fast as possible without complaining. This humiliating experience will only stop once the Mistress is satisfied with his piss drinking performance. He better drink as fast as he can!

Gorgeous blonde girl has just finished shaving her pussy and is a kinky mood. She heads for the shower and starts pissing. For some reason watching her own urine splash in the shower is a major turn on for her. She does this every day after work and has even started taping herself while she pisses in the shower. A true golden shower. If only she could find a slave to piss in the mouth. That would be fun!

Sexy Mistress is in a kinky mood. She goes to the bathroom but instead of just pissing in the toilet she lets her golden juicy urine flow in the sink. Watching her urine splash in the sink is what she feels like doing when she is home alone. Her pussy gets so wet by watching her own urine. She doesn't know why she likes it so much but it really turns her on. Watching her own juicy urine splash in the sink is what she does for fun

Blonde pissing queen has a weird fetish. She loves to piss in the sink. Even though she is standing in the bathroom already she just feels like pissing in the sink and watching herself in the mirror while she does it. She has even gone so far that she video records herself pissing and uploads this to the internet. She wants as many people as possible to watch her piss. Weird blonde pissing queen has strange fetishes.

Have you ever been pissed on? Do you know what it feels like to be used as a human toilet? This slave sure does, he is ordered to lie motionless on the floor and accept his face as a human toilet. Her juicy golden urine splashes all over his face. He is even forced to drink the piss. This Mistress has a beautiful shaven pussy. If he gets really lucky he might be able to lick it clean after she is done pissing

Slave is not really sure what to expect when his Mistress called him over to her flat. He arrived on time and is ordered to get on the floor and lick her boots. Her big black boots are so dirty and the slave needs to clean them. Once they are clean he needs to get on the floor. The blonde Mistress spreads her legs and starts pissing all over his face. The wet juicy golden urine all over his face

Piss drinking slave has to smile. It does not matter if he hates the taste of piss, this cruel Mistress wants her slave to pretend he loves drinking piss. If he doesn't smile he has to drink more piss. The longer it takes for him to give his Mistress a nice piss drinking smile the more piss he has to drink. If he knows whats good for him he will smile as he drinks the piss

These two sexy blonde mistresses are working their wet shaved pussies with each other to have a pissygalore fun time with each other. They take turns using their fingers to aim their pussy lips so that as they spray out their hot piss they cover each other with it. These two babes waste no piss as they cover each other from head to toe to make sure they get full golden showers.

Mistress Leila and Mistress Sandhiya are two sexy mistresses wearing only their blouses as they stand above their lover toilet slaves laying on the floor under their warm shaved pussies just waiting for their golden showers to begin! These sexy mistresses work their pussies so that as they start pissing their piss sprays all of their loser toilet slaves and lands on their faces and into their mouths and they have to drink the hot piss.

Mistress Sydnee really really has to pee but there is someone else that is in the bathroom and she has to piss right now! Desperate to piss she squats down in the hallway outside of the bathroom and she spreads her legs apart and uses her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and starts pissing all over the floor outside the bathroom in the hallway while other watch her piss all over.

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