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Hubby gets a wet mouth full of his wife's pee as she squats above him to take a hot piss into his mouth. He returns the favor by standing up still covered with her urine and then fucking his wife hard into her pussy until she cums. Hubby loves to swallow his wifes piss as it gets him excited to give her a nice fuck on the bed in her pussy

This sexy girl is decorating her Christmas tree when nature calls and she can't ignore the urge. She pees in her skin tight blue jeans letting all of the pee stream down the legs of her jeans. She makes a wet mess of herself as she pees long and hard into her blue jeans letting the pee stream down covering her legs and crotch with the golden pee from pussy

Lucilla takes revenge on one of her neighbors by taking a nice hot piss on the construction site outside of his house. She has been quarreling with him about the noise from the site so she exacts her revenge by sneaking on his property and giving the site a nice hot piss from her piddling pussy. The pee flows down the wooden boards on the site to the surprise of the neighbor

Queen Andrea has got full control of her male slave as she leans above him on the bathroom floor and gets ready to piss all over his slave face. She makes a mess of his face with her golden nectar and then rubs the pee from the bottom of her foot into his face and mouth. After she is done the slave rolls in the pee on the bathroom floor

The slave lies underneath her hot pink pussy as she gets ready to take a nice warm golden yellow pee into his mouth. She pulls up her jean skirt and then takes a hot piss into his mouth as he lies on the carpet underneath her eagerly awaiting her golden nectar. The toiletman loves to get peed on and today he will be taking his mistress' pee right into his mouth

Hot Jenicha is always up to no good, but sometimes she comes up with ideas that are very hot and erotic. She is always thinking of her slave and ways she can make him drink her pee and shit. Today she decided that peeing into a bottle was the way to go, so all she has to do is give her slave the bottle to drink.

Lucilla is very sexy and very experienced in peeing. She has the ability to drain her bladder into a special pot. The fun part about Lucilla is she is also able to make herself have a giant orgasm as she is doing this fun activity. Lucilla spends a great deal of time peeing in her special pot, and having wonderful orgasm after orgasm. She is too sexy.

Divine Jessica doesn't get any sexier, because she is so hot with her long blonde hair and her short black leather skirt. Jessica is going to humiliate her slave today by peeing in her nylons, and forcing the pee slave to put them on his head while they are still wet. He then must suck the pee from the nylons till they are clean while on his hands and knees.

Rose and her friends are always looking for a good time and something new to do. In this case they decide that the toilet slave is going to come along for the new journey that involves a bunch of shit and piss. The ladies are going to mix all of their shit and piss, just so the slave can have a nice variety of flavors and smells to choose from.

A very mature adventurous blonde is going to get ready to take a nice big piss right outside. She wants to get herself situated, so she finds the perfect place to pee. She also gets on her rain jacket, because it is raining outside. She spreads her legs wide apart so she can watch the pee spray out of her shaved bald pussy. She loves to pee outside.

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