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Mistress Kira loves oral sex. She loves her ass being eaten and she loves a tongue on her clit as well. And today she wanted to go further than that and she used this guy for that purpose. The mistress made the guy lick her asshole and when he was done, she had him drink her pee. Of course he had licked her pussy until she came before he drank pee.

I like to humiliate my slaves in many different ways. This is my toilet slave and his main purpose is to drink my piss every time I need to go. I like to couple that humiliation with making him lick my feet. Foot worship and piss drinking is a good combination. I put my piss in a bottle for him so it is easy to drink without spilling any.

A beautiful pregnant girl spreads her legs and pisses everywhere. After she is done pissing, a man and woman bend down to lick the piss off of her pussy and legs. They take turns licking her soft, hairless pussy and slip in the golden nectar that the pregnant girl pissed all over the floor. They love licking all the sweet piss off of this girl and she loves when they lick her.

Nanalou is in a naughty mood as she lays back on the chair and masturbates in it. She is dressed in her sexy stockings as she masturbates her pussy but first she has to pee. Instead of going to . the bath room she instead pees off the chair on the ground below. She forms a nice puddle of pee on the floor and decides to lick the pee

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