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Lady Serena was shocked to learn that this guy had a thing for her pee. She tried to think about it but it did not make much sense to her. She chose to try it being an adventurous mistress so she went with the loser to his place and she peed on him. She actually enjoyed it but still wondered what was in it for him as he seemed to enjoy it more than he did. Probably it was being able to see her ass and pussy so close to him.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Emma caught a student cheating in an exam and they had to punish him. He risked expulsion and the mistresses knew he would not want that. He was willing to do anything they wanted so as to avoid being expelled. The mistresses took advantage of that to humiliate him and try pee fetish at his expense. He drank their pee without asking them any questions.

These Asian mistresses are naughty and this guy wanted to kick it with these naughty girls. He felt there could only be fun to be had. What he did not know was that they were going to have fun at his expense. He wanted to hang out with them when they wanted to try pee fetish and the mistresses chose to try it on him. They undressed and he got excited but his excitement ended when they peed on him.

Mistress Giorgia wanted to test this loser so she asked him to drink her urine. She did not force him and she did not hurry him. She wanted to see what he would do. He thought about it as she smoked her cigarette and he finally agreed to do it. The mistress was surprised as he drank the pee as if he had been thirsting for it all day long.

This mistress was not in the best of moods. This guy tried to rush her into having sex with her and she told him to relax and take things slow. He did not listen to her. She looked at him and he thought she was giving in. She was not. She took him to the bathroom and she turned him on with her hot naked body. She then made him drink her before she peed into the tub and he peed into the tab then she asked him to take a bath with the mixture.

Princess Sarah and her girlfriend were pissed at this guy wanting a threesome with them. They told him they were lesbian but he did not listen. He told them he could fuck them and turn them straight. They were offended but they pretended to want him to do that for them so they took him to their house where they peed on him as opposed to what he thought he would get from them.

Goddess Parvati was fed up with her lazy slave. She had told him to change his lazy ways but he did not do it. She was pissed and she chose to chase him away. She did this by facesitting on him. She also took a piss on him and she made sure he drank all of her urine. The mistress also forced him to lick the soles of her shoes and feet.

This Japanese mistress is a kinky woman and she loves to do and to try all kinds of naughty things. She wanted to try pee fetish today and she had fun doing it at the expense of this couple that wanted to have fun with her. She took a piss on them and she had them do it to each other as well. They all had a great time with pee fetish.

Goddess Tempest kept quiet when her slave ignored her instructions. He thought he knew better so she let him do what he felt was the right thing. She knew it would not work but she let him do it. He did it and it failed. She had to teach him a lesson so that he would never disobey her again. She took a piss on him and made him drink it. He never ignored her instructions again.

This mistress loves pee fetish. She loves it because it is effective when it comes to punishing slaves and losers. She also likes it because it is not painful. She is one of those people who do not like to inflict pain on others. But she is an expert when it comes to dominating, humiliating as well as degrading them. Today she made this guy drink several liters of her urine.

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