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This mistress loves to do crazy things and one of them today was to pee on this guy. She was so pissed at him as he was a stalker. He wanted to nail her as she was hot but he did not try to approach her like a normal person. Instead, he stalked her. She was tired of it and she laid a trap for him before she peed on him to humiliate him and make him stop.

Mistress Lola was not going to let this guy continue down the path he was. She felt that it was a destructive one and she owed it to him to give him the truth and try to change him. So the mistress turned the guy into a piss slave and he had to drink her urine. Besides that, she ballbusted the guy and she had him eat her nail clippings.

Mistress Nikki was fed up with her job and she had found a better one. She was not going out without a bang and she had to make sure it was something her boss would never forget because he was a horrible human being. The mistress cruelly made him drink her urine before she finally got out and he was so scared that he did it. She had locked the office behind her and knew his office did not have CCTV.

Mistress Ella likes to punish and she likes to use different things to do so. Today she wanted to use pee to do it and so she asked this loser to undress. She took him to the restroom where she turned him into her human toilet. He had no choice but to drink her pee and to learn his lesson. He never messed with her as he knew her punishment was cruel.

When it comes to dominating people who have wronged her, this mistress does it like a pro. Today she chose to use her pee to do it and she humiliated this loser in a way he had never experienced before. The mistress cruelly turned him into a pee slave and she made sure that he learned his lesson and would not forget it in a hurry. It worked as she intended.

Mistress Nica needed to force this guy to come to his senses. She did this by peeing on him. And as if that was not enough, the mistress required him to also jerk off. He had to do both simultaneously and there was no going back. He was scared shitless but there was nothing else he could do about it other than to comply with all of her instructions to avoid worse punishments.

When this guy had the chance to fuck this mistress, he did not do it as well as she had hoped he would. She was super disappointed in him and she had to humiliate him for the disappointment. That is why she chose to facesit the guy as well as make him lick her pussy. He was at her mercy so he did all that the mistress wanted him to do.

This mistress is easily angered. This guy did not know it and he ended up pissing her off. She was not about to let it go and she used her piss fetish to deal with the guy. He had to drink her urine and there was no backing out of it. He regretted what he had done and he was now wiser and knew that he would never piss her off again.

This girl was too noisy for this mistress too look away and ignore. She had tried her best to ignore it but she could not any longer. That is why she lured the girl to her house where she stripped her naked and also stripped naked herself before she peed on the girl and forced her to drink all of her pee. She also facesat her and warned her that she risked being forced to eat shit if she did not change.

This mistress was horny and she needed to have a little fun. The mistress knew herself and she was sure that if she played with her clit, she would not only orgasm, but she would also squirt. So she took out her camera and positioned it well before she got down to business. In no time, she was wet and she managed to cum and above all, she squirted nicely.

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