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Goddess Andova wanted this guy to learn that she was not a pushover. He was making it a habit to take advantage of her and she did not like it. So she put an end to that habit by forcing him to drink her pee. She turned him into a human toilet and had him drink her hot urine directly from her pussy. And for good measure, she got him to lick her pussy.

Mistress Luna was asked by her partners to punish this rogue employee and she did not hesitate to do it. She was doing it in the best interests of the company so she did not regret it. The mistress smoked as she stripped the guy naked and she then did the same for herself. The mistress had fun drinking wine and when she felt like peeing, she peed into his mouth.

This hairy mistress wanted to have fun at the expense of her boyfriend. He had had fun at her expense before and now it was her turn. She had checked out what she wanted to do and she had settled on pee. She had fun with her piss movie fetish and it was a lot of fun for her. She tried her best to make it interesting for him too so that she could do it again with him and to him.

This mistress was stuck in her house with nothing interesting to do. She tried to check what she could do online and she found out about piss movie. She was so excited as it promised to be fun for her but humiliating and degrading for the one she would get to piss on. So she used her naughty nature to lure a guy for humiliation and it was as much fun as she had thought it would be.

Princess Adelaide and Princess Georgie joked about peeing on a guy. They had a great time fantasizing about it that they agreed to try it out. So they went out and used their charm to lure this guy to their house. The mistresses then turned him into a pee slave. He was forced to drink their pee through a funnel. He could not believe how gullible he had been and how he had been dominated and degraded.

This slave is lazy and the mistresses did not want to let him get away with it. The mistresses spent a lot of money on him and they did not want him to lie to them or to do any substandard work. The mistresses smoked as they used dildos as well as pee to dominate him. The poor guy was shocked but he knew he had nowhere to hide anymore.

Mistress Julia wanted to make a little money and she chose to use her love for pee to do it. She put on a piss show for this guy who had a fetish for naughty things and she got him to pay handsomely for it. The mistress had fun doing it and she also had fun laughing all the way to the bank. The guy also enjoyed what she did.

This mistress wanted to make some money but she did not have anything to sell. She was concerned with that and she sat down and she tried to come up with something to sell. She felt like peeing and that is when it occurred to her that she could sell her pee to him. So she got this guy and she made him pay for her to pee on him.

This mistress wanted to prank her boyfriend. She wanted to see what he would do if she was sick. She had never been sick and she was wondering how he would react if she was. So the mistress went to the toilet and she peed on herself. She then went back to the bedroom and pretended she was sick. She loved how he ran around to do things for her and wanted to even call an ambulance for her.

Princess Adelaide was new to pee fetish but she did not want to try it with anyone. She wanted to enjoy it by herself and when she had gotten good at it, that was when she planned to enjoy it with a slave or a loser. So she had fun peeing and when she got good, she lured her neighbor, who she felt was a loser, and she got him to drink her urine.

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