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When this mistress was looking for something to do for fun, she settled on piss fetish. She felt that she had to try something fun and naughty and that was why pee fetish appealed to her. She recorded herself as she peed and as she had fun doing some naughty things. It was a lot of fun and she ended up masturbating because she felt horny and turned on as she played with her pussy.

This goddess knows how to have her cake and eat it. She wanted to turn on and deny this guy and at the same time humiliate him with her pee. That is why she showed off her hot ass and after the guy was turned on, the mistress then peed on him. He was turned into a human toilet and he had no choice but to drink the mistress' urine.

Mistress Kira loves oral sex. She loves her ass being eaten and she loves a tongue on her clit as well. And today she wanted to go further than that and she used this guy for that purpose. The mistress made the guy lick her asshole and when he was done, she had him drink her pee. Of course he had licked her pussy until she came before he drank pee.

Mistress Valeria wanted to use her pee to pass a message to her slave. She had tried other ways but she had not been successful. So she had to try something else and that is why she chose to use pee. The mistress had fun peeing on the loser and watching him drink her urine as well as lick the one that found its way to the floor. It was total humiliation and he got the message loud and clear.

Mistress Jardena felt that her chef had let her down with the kind of breakfast he had prepared. She felt it was no to her standard and she did not want that to happen again. So she punished him for it and she did it by making him drink her pee. He was humiliated as she did so but she did not care as she needed him to make changes.

Mistress Eva wanted to try things she had missed doing. And that is how she got herself trying pee fetish in a hotel room. She had never peed in a hotel room and she did it knowing that she did not have to clean up. The mistress teased herself in the mirror before she did it and she loved how naughty and seductive she looked as she set out to do that.

Mistress Myra and mistress Costa are naughty girls and they are the kind of girls who can do anything under the sun. If it turns out to be fun, they can do it again and again. Today they wanted to make a piss movie. So they took a piss on each other and licked it from each other's bodies. The mistresses then had a crazy time with a threesome to remember.

Mistress Amirah had a new assistant and she wanted him to learn how to please her. She had shown him all the things she wanted him to learn. But when she was done with what she considered the essentials, she got started on pee which she taught him to drink. She showed him a side of her that he did not know existed. It was both a turn on and humiliation at the same time.

This mistress wanted to prank her boyfriend. She wanted to see what he would do if she was sick. She had never been sick and she was wondering how he would react if she was. So the mistress went to the toilet and she peed on herself. She then went back to the bedroom and pretended she was sick. She loved how he ran around to do things for her and wanted to even call an ambulance for her.

When these mistresses realized that their boyfriends lied to them, they had to come up with a common plan to show them that they knew they had lied. But that was not all. The mistresses had to punish them as well and they settled on piss movie to do it. The boyfriends were degraded but it helped them not to lie to their girlfriends since they understood the consequences of such actions.

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