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Mistress Zephy had warned her husband against doing what he had done. He insisted and she kept quiet until it backfired. She had to teach him a lesson and she did it using her pee. She made him drink her urine and when he was done, he had to eat her pussy the way she wanted it eaten. When she came, she trampled him and farted on him before finishing her punishment.

This mistress wanted to make some money but she did not have anything to sell. She was concerned with that and she sat down and she tried to come up with something to sell. She felt like peeing and that is when it occurred to her that she could sell her pee to him. So she got this guy and she made him pay for her to pee on him.

Princess Nikki had given her slave some work to do but he had watched movies the whole day and he had forgotten to do the work. He kept procrastinating and she did not like it. She came back and instead of asking him why he had not done the work, she took a piss on him and she danced on his face. She told him if he did not do what he was supposed to do, he would have to endure such treatment.

Princess Mini had bought what this loser told her. He had told him that he could make her cum multiple times. He told her what he would do to her using his tongue and then follow it up with his dick and she was turned on. But when they went to her house, she found he had a small dick. She did not want such a small cock inside her so she opted to pee on him and to have him lick her pussy.

This mistress has a fetish for pee. She loves to play with it and to do all manner of things with it. She always records herself peeing and she does it whenever she feels like. Today she wanted to try something else. So she took a loser and she made him drink her pee. He was so scared that he would not even say no to her. She had a field day humiliating him.

This tattooed mistress is kinky. She likes no ordinary fun. And today as she was having fun with this guy she had met at the club, she used her pee fetish. She took a piss on him after she had asked him to drink it. She also had him lick her toes before she got him to lick her pussy. He had never been through that and it was a massive turn-on for him.

Mistress Giorgia wanted to test this loser so she asked him to drink her urine. She did not force him and she did not hurry him. She wanted to see what he would do. He thought about it as she smoked her cigarette and he finally agreed to do it. The mistress was surprised as he drank the pee as if he had been thirsting for it all day long.

Dirty Tina and her best friend are crazy mistresses. They like to do crazy things and one of the things they did today was to go and pee in the garage. They lived in an apartment and as such, they were at risk of being seen by neighbors. But the thrill of wanting to pee in public was too much for them and they did it. They even showed off their asses and pussies as they were naked from the waist down.

Mistress Dirty Tina wanted to achieve her aim of trying something naughty. She did so using pee fetish. She went outside and she took a piss out in the open. She removed her clothes and she took a piss. She did not care who would see her do it. She did not worry about the people who lived nearby or those who passed near her place. All she wanted was to try something naughty and she did.

Mistress Dirty Tina is a naughty girl and that is why her boyfriend loves and adores her. He knows she can do anything and she is always willing to try new stuff. There is never a dull moment in their life and today she wanted to try pee fetish. She pissed on him but he did not focus on the pee. He focused on where it led and they had a great time.

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