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Mistress Iside felt that this guy was too boring for her. She did not want to let the guy go on boring her. So she used her pee to dominate him so that he would not want to be near her. She forced the guy to not only drink her pee, but to also lick it from the floor. She trampled him before she was done with him and let him go.

Mistress Zephy had warned her husband against doing what he had done. He insisted and she kept quiet until it backfired. She had to teach him a lesson and she did it using her pee. She made him drink her urine and when he was done, he had to eat her pussy the way she wanted it eaten. When she came, she trampled him and farted on him before finishing her punishment.

Mistress Jennifer came home to find her slave going through her things and she did not like it. She had to ensure things changed from that day going forward. The mistress chose to take a piss on the slave and in fact turn him into her human toilet. He cried and begged but she did not let him go. He learned that her things were sacred and were not to be touched.

Goddess Parvati wanted to dominate and degrade this loser. She was fed up with him and she wanted to give him one last chance. The mistress felt like she had to do something crazy and cruel to get to him and she did. She used a giant strapon to fuck him in the ass. The guy felt a lot of pain but he changed like the mistress wanted him to.

Have you ever been pissed on? Do you know what it feels like to be used as a human toilet? This slave sure does, he is ordered to lie motionless on the floor and accept his face as a human toilet. Her juicy golden urine splashes all over his face. He is even forced to drink the piss. This Mistress has a beautiful shaven pussy. If he gets really lucky he might be able to lick it clean after she is done pissing

This ebony bbw takes a nice piss into the glass for the slave to drink as she places the glass underneath her pussy so she can pee and have her drink ready for the slave. She will give her golden nectar to the slave rather then wasting it in the toilet where it will go to no use. Her peeis better for the slave who is very thirsty for it

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