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Being hot and sexy got into this mistress' head and she loves to take advantage of it to dominate and humiliate guys for her own enjoyment. She sees guys as her tools for fun. The mistress loves to turn them into her own playthings and do unto them as she pleases. She felt like peeing on a guy today so she teased this guy and made him drink her urine.

Goddess Allie loves to play pranks on people. She was mad at her boyfriend because he had done what she had warned him about and he had also pranked her too. So she wanted to humiliate and prank him for those two reasons. She made him cereal by peeing on it and then adding some milk. She then told him it was a new brand of cereal and milk she had bought.

Princess Nikki and princess Sarah were going through their bucket list when they realized that they had not yet done piss fetish. They had to cross it off the list so they hurriedly looked for a loser and they dominated him using their urine. He was teased and turned on by the mistresses and that made it easier to pee on him. They showed off heir shaved pussies, big tits, and sexy asses to get the guy to drink their pee.

This mistress has a fetish for torturing guys. The more she does it, the more it turns her on. So today she took this guy to the forest and she found a reason to be mad at him. She then used that reason to dominate him for her own enjoyment. He had to drink her urine and lick her pussy as well as her peed on underwear. It was humiliated but it was also a sort of turn on for him too.

Goddess Antonella entered her slave's room without knocking and she was surprised to find him masturbating to her photos. She did not want him to objectify her so she punished him to make sure it did not happen again. He was already naked so she did not need to make him strip naked. She humiliated him and she got him to drink her urine as punishment before she allowed him to clean up and put on his clothes.

This princess is as naughty as they come. She loves to make guys do things they would have never imagined doing in a hundred years. Today she teased this guy and once she had him where she wanted him, she got him to drink her urine. She made it look like he was doing a sexy thing and turning him on that he yearned for more and drank it all.

Princess Mini had bought what this loser told her. He had told him that he could make her cum multiple times. He told her what he would do to her using his tongue and then follow it up with his dick and she was turned on. But when they went to her house, she found he had a small dick. She did not want such a small cock inside her so she opted to pee on him and to have him lick her pussy.

This mistress has a fetish for pee. She loves to play with it and to do all manner of things with it. She always records herself peeing and she does it whenever she feels like. Today she wanted to try something else. So she took a loser and she made him drink her pee. He was so scared that he would not even say no to her. She had a field day humiliating him.

With the kind of ass that these mistresses have, there is no way they cannot make a man try any fetish they want him to try. Today they wanted to try piss movie so they lured this guy with their hot asses and he jumped at the chance of having a threesome with them. But the fun entailed them making him drink their pee and licking their pussies before they gave him a handjob.

Mistress Melissa does not have a boyfriend and her fun and her cums are her own business. She is an adventurous mistress and she was trying pee fetish today. She had fun trying it and she spent a lot of time laying with her pee. She did not want to make someone else drink it yet. She wanted to have fun with it by herself before she brought someone else into it. And when she was done, she was so turned on and she masturbated until she came.

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