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The girls are spending a few days in a cottage. They have installed the human toilet at the garden. At night before going to bed all the girls need to pee. The slave is forced to be all the time under the toilet chair with a funnel in his mouth. The girls pee straight in his throat. They pee their golden streams down the funnel into his mouth.

Bizarrlady Jessica walks with around with her sissy slave Jonas - of course he has to crawl on all fours like the dog he is! But then she wants to further humiliate him. She drinks some orange juicy. Jonas gets something else. She takes a plate, fills it with water and puts some hot spices in there. Jonas has to drink the spicy liquids. But then she decides to give him something else - her pee! He has to drink it out of the bowl too...!

Jonas is poured over the golden shower by his mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica at the toilet. The divine empress pretends to be with legs apart over him and pees directly over the face to the toilet bowl. He is dressed up in a pair of panties and women's shoes as the hot blonde with the big tits spreads her legs and pees hard over his head in the toilet.

This sexy bbw spreads her hairless pussy to pee her golden stream of urine for you. She pees for you in five different scenes including twice in the toilet bowl and twice in the bath tub. She even pees in the bowl with her favorite teddy bear drowning the small bear in her hot golden pee. She was a little gassy so she lets out some farts too.

Nanalou is in a naughty mood as she lays back on the chair and masturbates in it. She is dressed in her sexy stockings as she masturbates her pussy but first she has to pee. Instead of going to . the bath room she instead pees off the chair on the ground below. She forms a nice puddle of pee on the floor and decides to lick the pee

Princess Nikki is eating some cake but she has to piss, so she just piss in slaves mouth. The pretty brunette just pulls back her short skirt and relaxes after eating the cake to take a nice hot piss into her male slaves mouth. He gets to taste her golden stream as she pees in his mouth and she gets to taste her delicious cake at the same time.

It is a nice peeing session with Emma space. She is a really nice girl. And she likes being watched. watch her pretty naked body as she shows off her nice tits and pees hard into the bath tub. She lets the nice stream of pee come out of her pussy lips and after she is done she washes her pussy clean with water from the shower head.

Watch this young girl spread her gorgeous pussy lips and tinkle into three different bowls. She pees her golden stream into the white toilet bowl and the container filling it up with all of her sweet nectar for you to drink. Watch the pee come out of her perfect pink pussy lips and splash down into the cool water and she pees hard into the clear container.

When the Godess found out her favorite slave is thirsty and really needs something to drink. She realizes it is perfect for her kinky pissing fetish. She does not want to waste her urine on a normal toilet so she gets the perfect idea to piss in his mouth. He has never drank piss but is so thirsty he will drink anything. The Godess takes aim for his mouth and releases all of her golden nectar straight into his mouth.

Hot and sexy Mistress has just shaven her pussy. She wants the world to see it and exposes herself in public. Just having people watch her shaven pussy is not enough. She also has a fetish for pissing in public. Whenever she has the urge to take a piss, she just takes off her clothes and start pissing wherever she is. This Kinky Mistress truly has no limits. Whenever she has to piss she just goes for it.

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