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Beatrise is a very hot red haired cutie. But she is also a little bit shy! Slowly she takes off her clothes and let you watch her. You can see that she is shy - but you can easily recognize that she has a lot of fun doing so too! Then she knees down in the bathtub and starts to pee. The golden nectar lands right beneath her pussy. At the end she also takes the shower head to clean her pussy again - maybe you like to help her...?

Lady Chantal gives this slave a lot of torture and humiliation as she chains both his hands to the wall and pulls on his scrotal ring and inserts a rod up his ureter. She unchains him from the wall and gives him a golden shower on the floor as he opens his mouth to take in every last drop of her pee. The slave takes a lot of abuse from Chantal.

Karina is a secretary - and a really sexy one too! She worked the whole day and just came home. She still wears her business dress. But she wants to feel more comfortable so she takes off every piece of her cloth. She stands naked in the bathtub now - and realizes that she has to pee. She don't like to use the toilet now so she start to piss right into the bathtub until it is filled with lot of her pee!

Lady Jessica is a very dominant mistress that has a pissing fetish. She is going to have her slave Bobby get into her bath tub. She will then stand over him in the tub and being to piss right on Bobby's face. Bobby has special instructions that involve opening his mouth wide open so he can swallow all of Lady Jessica's delightful golden nectar juices.

Mistress Weronika generally likes to pee in her slave's mouth, but on a special day she is going to try something new. She is going to get out her favorite pair of high heels and pee right inside them. Then, she will make her slave drink all the pee out of her high heels and lick every ounce of her shoe clean. She is such a good mistress.

A pretty ebony scat princess loves to take huge shits. Sometimes her shits are on a toilet, and sometimes they are on her human toilet slave. Whatever she wants to do, the shit is going to fly out of her ass. She is a master at sitting down and taking the biggest shits ever. She can even change the color of her shit by what she eats.

A toilet slave has a very dirty job. He is going to get pissed and shit on all day long. He better be ready to endure the dirty job, because the girls will not let him up till he has his entire body covered in shit. The toilet slave is well trained, so he is going to eat the shit and make sure all of the golden nectar is sucked up.

Today I really have to pee! I drunk so much tea, this is unbelievable! But just peeing is boring! I want to use my slave to have some more fun! We go to the bathroom together and he has to go down on the ground. Now I can position my pussy only millimeters away from his face - and start peeing at him! :-D He closes his eyes and it seems that he hasn't so much fun like me... but I don't care! *g*

The blonde and brunette princesses take a pee into the bowl for their thirsty slave to drink. Each girl takes a nice long hot piss into the bowl and forces her slave to drink it. The slave laps up all of their goldennectar as the sexy blonde and brunette princesses sit back and enjoy the show. The girls love to make slaves drink their pee and their slave is a willing participant

American redhead is nervous about peeing on camera as it is her first time. She pulls down her tight blue jeans and her pink panties and squats on the bowl and after a moment of relaxing she is able to squirt into the toilet her hot pee. She gets over her shyness quickly as she stares you in the face and takes a nice hot pee into the cool water

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