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When these mistresses realized that their boyfriends lied to them, they had to come up with a common plan to show them that they knew they had lied. But that was not all. The mistresses had to punish them as well and they settled on piss movie to do it. The boyfriends were degraded but it helped them not to lie to their girlfriends since they understood the consequences of such actions.

Mistress Melissa is a horny girl as she loves to bang all the time. Today the mistress wanted to do some naughty things so she took a video of herself playing with her pussy and she ended up making it wetter than it was before that. In addition, the mistress used her pee to keep herself busy after she had cum. It was not scripted and she did it on camera.

Lady Stefanie collected her pee after she had drank different kinds of fluids. Her slave did not know it and she had fun making him drink all sorts of urine for her enjoyment. He had assumed that if they were naked and near each other, all that would follow for them would be sex but it never came to happen that way. All that happened was him being degraded.

Mistress Rosella and her girlfriend are the kinky and naughty kind. There is never a dull sexual moment for them and today was not an exception. The mistresses used piss movie to achieve what they wanted. The mistresses chose to pee into each other's pussy before they ate each other's pussy. Doing that was a lot of fun for both of them and it turned them on massively and they fucked like pornstars.

When bored, there is no telling what this mistress is capable of doing. She wanted to do some crazy things today and that is what she ended up doing. The mistress undressed outside her house and she took a piss. She even taped herself doing it and she did not care what anyone who saw her would have thought or said. She was trying it for the first time and it felt great for her.

This mistress likes doing naughty things for her boyfriend. And today she wanted to send him a video of her peeing. So she went to the bathroom with her camera ready. She raped herself peeing while completely nude in the bathtub and she sent it to her boyfriend. She asked him to do the same for her and the two of them turned each other on by those naughty things and agreed to meet and take care of business.

Princess Nikki and princess Sara wanted this guy to lick their pussies but he disappointed them by not doing it as well as they wanted. They felt wasted and had to punish him for it. The mistresses turned on the guy and they used their pee fetish to punish and torture him. He did not have a choice but to drink the pee and promise to do better if given another chance.

This mistress is intolerant to the point that whenever anyone disagrees with her, she has to punish him. She likes everyone to agree with her and to do everything she wants. This mistress was angry today when she learned that this loser had disagreed with her proposed way forward. So she did what was expected of her and she punished him. This, the mistress did by peeing on the guy.

This mistress was broke and she went to this nasty dude to borrow some money. He saw an opportunity to take advantage of her as she was in a vulnerable position. The guy asked the mistress to pee on herself and she did. Next, he asked her to drink her urine and he had no choice. When she was done drinking the urine, the guy gave her the money he had promised her.

When this couple went around town pissing off everyone and pretending to be the couple of the century, they did not know that there were consequences. They just acted as if they could do whatever they wanted. They pissed off mistress Gaia who had kept her distance but now they had to learn a lesson. She turned them into toilet slaves and made the drink her urine and also lick each other's assholes.

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