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This sexy giantess totally destroys the small town with a very strong stream of piss from her shaved pink pussy. She destroys the town as she pees all over it with a very strong golden pee stream taht knocks out the whole town and all the little people living there. Her pink pussy looks very nice as the giantess takes no prisoners and wrecks the little town with her golden pee

TRhis slave lies underneath the hot mistress Jessica who is dressed in her red leather shoes and her sexy black stockings. He drinks the pee straight from her pussy into his mouth filling it all the way to the top and having some spill over on the floor. Jessica wants her slave to drink all her pee and orders him to lick all the pee that has spilled on the floor

Jenicha spreads her legs and takes a nice golden piss into the wine glass because she knows you are very thirsty on this hot day. It almost reminds you have a cold beer but in fact is Jenicha's hot pee as she takes a nice pee from her shaved pink pussy into the glass. Her pee will be very refreshing as it is very hot and you are very thirsty

Queen Lucilla is a sexy mistress that loves to piss everywhere that she goes and today is not different as she wears her red rubber boots and wades in a small brook. She then gets up on the rocks on the bank and spreads her legs apart and gets ready to piss. She knows that her piss will feed all of the fish in the water as well as all the small animals that drink from the water.

Mistress Kitty is a sexy mistress that is ready to gives you a special treat that she made herself. She sits in the bathtub and takes a clean champagne glass and fills it up with her fresh hot piss. Once she has the glass filled with the piss the then takes it and offers it to you her human toilet slave. She wants to watch you sip on the warm piss and enjoy every last drop.

This horny Goddess wants to give herself a little treat so she gets a bowl and fills it up with her warm fresh piss and is ready for her treat. She then takes her pretty little feet and places them into the bowl and soaks them for a while in the warm piss as she gets them nice and soft from her urine. She then takes her other foot and does the same thing.

Mistress Melena is a sexy blonde mistress that has to go to the bathroom as she finds that the toilet paper is not soft enough for her pussy as she finishes pissing so she calls in her piss slave and puts him to work. She makes him get down on his knees and lick her pussy clean with his tongue. He has to lick all the left over piss off of her warm pussy until she is clean.

This sexy mistress is ready to take a piss as she squats down over a glass and starts pissing into it. She fills the clear glass up with her warm fresh piss as she gets ready to save it for her slave to drink later. She finds herself having to piss again and she gets up on the sink and pisses into the sink and legs the urine flow out of her directly into the drain.

This sexy mistress makes her piss slave into her personal human toilet as she makes him get naked and sit in the bathtub as she stands above him and covers him in her warm piss. As her golden shower begins her slave lifts himself up to get closer to her pussy as she pisses directly into his mouth and fills him up with her warm fresh piss

These two sexy Princesses have a slave for an entire week and they plan on making him their human toilet for the next week and every time they take a piss they use him and cover them in warm piss. You can watch as these babes cover him with their warm piss over and over again as they soak him with golden showers and cover his face, mouth, nose and body with their piss.

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