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Goddess Andova wanted this guy to learn that she was not a pushover. He was making it a habit to take advantage of her and she did not like it. So she put an end to that habit by forcing him to drink her pee. She turned him into a human toilet and had him drink her hot urine directly from her pussy. And for good measure, she got him to lick her pussy.

Mistress Eva wanted to try things she had missed doing. And that is how she got herself trying pee fetish in a hotel room. She had never peed in a hotel room and she did it knowing that she did not have to clean up. The mistress teased herself in the mirror before she did it and she loved how naughty and seductive she looked as she set out to do that.

Mistress Natalia has a great pair of tits. When she noticed that a lot of people were into her tits, she decided to try to use them for her own fun. So she got this guy enticed and she took advantage of his infatuation with her to make him drink her urine. He thought he was turning her on when in actual sense she was having fun at his expense.

Mistress Nica did not like this technician's work ethic. She wanted things to be different and for him to learn to do things the right way. She did not want to pay for the same work twice because of the negligence and incompetence of this technician. So she used her pee to dominate him and in so doing, she was able to make sure he did his work as well as she wanted.

This guy was into mistress Julia and he knew he was in her league and did not want to attempt to use traditional means to seduce her. He chose to wow her by doing crazy things. So he told her he wanted to drink her urine direct from her pussy and would not touch her. She wondered why he would want to do that but she agreed to do it. They both had fun and that is how she started her journey towards her heart.

Mistress Luna was asked by her partners to punish this rogue employee and she did not hesitate to do it. She was doing it in the best interests of the company so she did not regret it. The mistress smoked as she stripped the guy naked and she then did the same for herself. The mistress had fun drinking wine and when she felt like peeing, she peed into his mouth.

This hairy mistress wanted to have fun at the expense of her boyfriend. He had had fun at her expense before and now it was her turn. She had checked out what she wanted to do and she had settled on pee. She had fun with her piss movie fetish and it was a lot of fun for her. She tried her best to make it interesting for him too so that she could do it again with him and to him.

This mistress was stuck in her house with nothing interesting to do. She tried to check what she could do online and she found out about piss movie. She was so excited as it promised to be fun for her but humiliating and degrading for the one she would get to piss on. So she used her naughty nature to lure a guy for humiliation and it was as much fun as she had thought it would be.

Princess Nicole and her friends Fany, Maya and lady Ines had the time of their lives while peeing on this loser. He had not done anything to deserve the treatment they gave him. He just happened to be near them when they made the decision to try pee fetish. So they made a piss movie with him as their human toilet and did not bother with how he felt as they degraded him.

Mistress Myra and mistress Costa are naughty girls and they are the kind of girls who can do anything under the sun. If it turns out to be fun, they can do it again and again. Today they wanted to make a piss movie. So they took a piss on each other and licked it from each other's bodies. The mistresses then had a crazy time with a threesome to remember.

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