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Goddess Allie had warned this loser not to mess with her but he had ignored her advice. He now had himself to blame because he was being dominated and degraded by the mistress. It was crueler than anything he had ever imagined was possible. The mistress forced the loser to drink her urine and the poor guy could not do anything other than agree and do what she asked him to do.

Mistress Cai was not amused by what she had learned from her slave. He had been doing things behind her back and she did not like it. The mistress had to set him straight and she did it as cruelly as she could. The mistress turned him into a pee slave and she had fun making him drink her urine. He could do nothing about it and had to settle for being a piss slave.

These guys thought that this mistress was crazy enough to fuck them both. They wanted a threesome with her and they even offered her money for it. She pretended to agree and she invited them to her house. She took the money but instead of fucking them, she turned them into her human toilets and made them drink her urine. She had fun at their expense then chased them away from her house.

These mistresses had the hots for each other even though they had boyfriends. They were neighbors and lusted after each other but they had never found the chance to quench their thirst. Today they got a golden opportunity and they did not waste it. They got down to business and they licked each other's pussies, drank each other's pee and they fucked each other wild dildos and came multiple times.

Mistress Noir observed that her slave did not take showers regularly. She was not pleased as she did not want a dirty person in her house. She had to punish him and to teach him to be clean and to improve his hygiene. She used her pee to make him shower. He was also asked to drink it which he did even though he felt like puking. She warned him against puking and promised to shit on him if he did.

Mistress Tianhan likes to punish but not with pain. She hates using pain because she does not like seeing grown men cry. So she uses an equally effective punishment and it has never failed her. She uses humiliation and today she used her pee to humiliate. She had her slave drink her urine and it worked as he did what she asked him to do without questions like he had been doing before.

Mistress Austria loves being naked. Anytime she gets to the house, she undresses and then relaxes or goes about her business. It became a problem when she got a slave to live with her as she would forget he was around and she would walk around naked. When she realized, she peed on him for looking at her while she was naked. She told him it was his responsibility to remind her she was naked and to look away.

Mistress Julia is a crazy girl and she loves being crazy for no apparent reason. She knows it turns on her hot neighbor and she did it again today. He was married so he was scared to approach her and she knew it. So she did it as a way to torture him. Today she climbed on her metallic fence and she exposed her pussy as she took a piss.

Being hot and sexy got into this mistress' head and she loves to take advantage of it to dominate and humiliate guys for her own enjoyment. She sees guys as her tools for fun. The mistress loves to turn them into her own playthings and do unto them as she pleases. She felt like peeing on a guy today so she teased this guy and made him drink her urine.

This couple is a naughty and kinky one. They love to try out different things to enrich their sex life and today they were trying pee fetish and domination. As part of their foreplay, the mistress peed on her boyfriend and they both loved how dominating it was. She loved dominating and being in charge and he loved being dominated. It also turned them on wildly because of how wrong it felt. They had even taped it to make a piss movie.

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