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Mistress Myra and mistress Costa are naughty girls and they are the kind of girls who can do anything under the sun. If it turns out to be fun, they can do it again and again. Today they wanted to make a piss movie. So they took a piss on each other and licked it from each other's bodies. The mistresses then had a crazy time with a threesome to remember.

Mistress Rosella and her girlfriend are the kinky and naughty kind. There is never a dull sexual moment for them and today was not an exception. The mistresses used piss movie to achieve what they wanted. The mistresses chose to pee into each other's pussy before they ate each other's pussy. Doing that was a lot of fun for both of them and it turned them on massively and they fucked like pornstars.

Mistress Amal and mistress Rosella love hardcore sex and like being fucked hard. But this guy who had a rare opportunity to fuck them together could not deliver what they expected. And since their expectations were high, they took matters into their own hands and they humiliated him. The mistresses made him lick their pussies and rub their clits until they came. Then they turned him into a toilet slave and peed on him.

Mistress Rosella and her friends were having a piss party. These adventurous mistresses wanted to make a piss movie just like they had made movies about their other fetishes. They made out, peed on each other and had fun licking each other's pee drenched pussies. They had amazing fun and of course, this turned them on and led to a fuck fest like no other. They could not wait to watch the movie they had made.

Mistress Rosella and her friend were bored with being good girls and they chose to try something naughty. They jumped into the deep end by egging each other on to pee in public. They did not wear any underwear as they went to pee in public. The mistresses had fun exposing their pussies and peeing without caring who was watching them. When they were done pissing, they ran away to their car.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Emma caught a student cheating in an exam and they had to punish him. He risked expulsion and the mistresses knew he would not want that. He was willing to do anything they wanted so as to avoid being expelled. The mistresses took advantage of that to humiliate him and try pee fetish at his expense. He drank their pee without asking them any questions.

Mistress Rosella and mistress Priscilla love fun. It does not matter where they are. They will always look to have fun. They were watching a romantic movie and it turned them on. When it ended, they found themselves making out. It quickly went from making out to licking each other's pussy and ended with pee fetish. The mistresses peed on each other and had a great time drinking each other's pee.

Mistress Rosella wanted her boyfriend to learn to remember things like birthdays and anniversaries. So she gave him an incentive. She told him she was going to piss on him every time he did not remember. So she pissed on him today as he had forgotten their anniversary. She made the boyfriend drink her pee and she farted on him too. She told him she would do the same if he forgot a birthday or their anniversary.

Mistress Rosella and her girlfriend Karina wanted to teach this girl who was trying to defame them a lesson. She had become too much. The mistresses had ignored her but it did not seem to solve anything. They had to punish her and they chose pee fetish to humiliate and degrade her. They laid a trap for her and caught her. Then they had a great time at her expense.

Mistress Rosella and mistress Svenja wanted to have fun with a guy who was as naughty and adventurous as they are. The mistresses tested him by asking him to drink their pee and he agreed. They realized he was as crazy as they are. The mistresses drank his pee, they made out and they blew him and licked each other in a massive threesome that blew all their minds away.

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