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This cute and petite girl in jeans could not wait to piss in her jeans. She could easily just sit on the toilet, but she loves to feel the warm piss on her pussy and on her inner thighs. She stands there while her jeans are soaked with piss. She pisses her pants every chance she gets because she loves to sensation of her pants filling with hot piss.

A gorgeous brunette had no problem finding a slave who was willing to drink her piss. He lies down on the floor at her feet and she props her feet up on him. She takes a funnel with a tube coming out from the bottom of it. She has filled a glass full of her golden nectar. She pours the piss down the tube and it goes directly into his mouth.

This piss slave sits in a tub waiting for his mistress to fill his mouth with her piss. He sits there nude and humiliated as she climbs up on the sides of the tub. She puts her pussy right in his face. She starts spraying out her warm piss into his face. He catches all he can in his mouth, but he gets covered in her piss. He loves being covered in pee.

This pissing mistress is preparing a nice warm drink for her toilet slave. She puts a glass down on the floor in her kitchen and squats down over it. She spreads her supple pussy and pisses directly into the glass. She's going to take it to her toilet slave so he can drink every drop. She has some more piss for him when he drinks this entire glass down.

This is a good toilet slave. He waits in the bathroom for his mistress to feel the need to go. She comes in the door and he is already on his knees with his mouth open. She spreads her pussy and pisses right into his mouth. Some of it splashes on his face and he just keeps drinking. He wants to swallow every bit of her golden nectar that he can.

This toiletman is here for whatever this pissing mistress wants from him. She makes him lie down under her feet. She puts a tube that goes from her toilet to his mouth. She puts her feet over his face to hold the tube in place for some extra humiliation. She starts pissing and the piss goes directly into his mouth. He drinks it and swallows every drop of her golden nectar.

This mistress had a score to settle with this slave. The slave did not know about it. He just found himself drinking her pee without knowing why.

Humiliating slaves is what this mistress does best. She took her slave to to the bathroom and enjoyed making him drink her pee

There was no water to use in bathing. So this mistress pissed on the slave and made him bathe with his own pee

This slave wanted a cup of juice to refresh himself with. But instead, the mistress made him drink her pee. He had no option

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