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This mistress has a great ass and she tempts guys and losers with it. When they think they will get lucky with her, she pees on them and humiliates them

Lucilla is a naughty mistress. She enjoys and gets a kick out of being naughty like peeing in public and not caring who sees her

Alida was doing her laundry and wanted to pee. She did not want to go to the toilet so she instead used her slave as her human toilet

Jenicha has a pee fetish. She likes to pee and then make someone especially a slave to drink her pee or to lick it from the floor

Joschi is a sadistic mistress. She took her slave and made made her lick her pussy after she had pissed on herself. The slave was her toilet paper

This mistress's slave was thirsty and wanted to drink some water. But the cruel and sadistic mistress did not want to give her water. She instead gave her urine to drink

Lucilla loves outdoor pissing. She does not care who sees her whenever she wants to relieve herself in public

Lady Morgana is a stunning brunette mistress wearing only a black and white corset as she makes her loser lay down in the bathtub completely naked. She then gets above him and squats down over him and starts pissing. She gives this loser slave a complete golden shower soaking him with her hot golden nectar fresh out of her tight shaved pussy. She does not stop until her slave is soaking wet with her piss.

Hot Jenicha is a sexy mistress who loves to tease her loser slaves with her hot golden nectar. She knows that it drives you mad to watch her piss and today she has something extra special just for you. She takes her favorite pair of high heels and puts them on the wood floor and squats down over them. She then starts pissing out of her warm shaved pussy and fills her heels with her hot golden nectar.

Mistress Lucilla is a stunning blonde beauty wearing a black Hello Kitty tee shirt as she gets ready to go out in the bathroom. While she is putting on her makeup in the bathroom she has the sudden urge to piss so she goes to the bathtub and sits on the corner of the tub. She spreads her legs wide apart and she uses her fingers to aim her pussy so her hot piss sprays out in a perfect arch.

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