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This mistress is a freaky girl. She is sexy and adventurous and that is why her boyfriend loves and adores her. She used pee fetish to turn him on today and she got him super turned on that he nearly came without her touching him. She peed on herself and she played with her pussy as she did. She left a little pee for him and he licked her pee.

Mistress Julia was enjoying the view out of her balcony when she felt like peeing. She did not want to leave the view because she knew that it would not be the same when she came back. She had never peed on herself so she gave it a try. She peed on herself as she went on enjoying the view. She felt great as the warm pee trickled down on her legs.

When it comes to peeing, this mistress is on top of her game. She loves to do different kinds of things to and with her pee. She does not rest until she has had all the fun she can imagine. And today she went to the toilet and she took a pee on the toilet cover. She had covered it so that the pee would collect on the toilet cover. She then brought this loser to lick her pee.

These Japanese girls are a naughty couple. They love to do all sorts of crazy things and today they wanted to try pee fetish. They had planned to try it on themselves but they changed at the last minute and they got someone to drink their urine. This guy was forced to lie down and open his mouth. The mistresses peed into the loser's mouth and he swallowed it all.

Mistress Sarah and mistress Niki discovered this guy was loaded and they wanted a piece of his cash. He was a naughty guy and he loved doing kinky things. So the mistresses lured him for some fun and they made him drink their pee as well as sniff their pussies. They teased and denied him, which is something he had never experienced as girls always did what he wanted. They controlled him and financially dominated him.

Goddess Parvati wanted to dominate and degrade this loser. She was fed up with him and she wanted to give him one last chance. The mistress felt like she had to do something crazy and cruel to get to him and she did. She used a giant strapon to fuck him in the ass. The guy felt a lot of pain but he changed like the mistress wanted him to.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Emma caught a student cheating in an exam and they had to punish him. He risked expulsion and the mistresses knew he would not want that. He was willing to do anything they wanted so as to avoid being expelled. The mistresses took advantage of that to humiliate him and try pee fetish at his expense. He drank their pee without asking them any questions.

This mistress had watched videos of pee fetish and she wanted to try it. She did not have a slave and so she had to try it on her own. She went to the bathroom after drinking a lot of water and she enjoyed trying all the nasty things she wanted to do with her pee. She imagined that she had a slave and that she was dominating him with it.

These Asian mistresses are naughty and this guy wanted to kick it with these naughty girls. He felt there could only be fun to be had. What he did not know was that they were going to have fun at his expense. He wanted to hang out with them when they wanted to try pee fetish and the mistresses chose to try it on him. They undressed and he got excited but his excitement ended when they peed on him.

Mistress Julia loves to please herself and that is what she did today. She used a huge dildo to play with her own pussy. She was extra horny today and she played with her clit and her pussy rougher than she normally does. As she inserted the dildo in her pussy, she could feel herself trembling. She felt like peeing and she let it out. She later came to realize it was not pee but squirt as it has never happened to her.

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