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These Japanese girls are a naughty couple. They love to do all sorts of crazy things and today they wanted to try pee fetish. They had planned to try it on themselves but they changed at the last minute and they got someone to drink their urine. This guy was forced to lie down and open his mouth. The mistresses peed into the loser's mouth and he swallowed it all.

Goddess Parvati wanted to dominate and degrade this loser. She was fed up with him and she wanted to give him one last chance. The mistress felt like she had to do something crazy and cruel to get to him and she did. She used a giant strapon to fuck him in the ass. The guy felt a lot of pain but he changed like the mistress wanted him to.

This mistress had watched videos of pee fetish and she wanted to try it. She did not have a slave and so she had to try it on her own. She went to the bathroom after drinking a lot of water and she enjoyed trying all the nasty things she wanted to do with her pee. She imagined that she had a slave and that she was dominating him with it.

This mistress was not in the best of moods. This guy tried to rush her into having sex with her and she told him to relax and take things slow. He did not listen to her. She looked at him and he thought she was giving in. She was not. She took him to the bathroom and she turned him on with her hot naked body. She then made him drink her before she peed into the tub and he peed into the tab then she asked him to take a bath with the mixture.

Goddess Parvati was not going to let this loser get away with what he had done. He had stolen from her and he tried to refuse that he had done it. She was not going to forgive him for it especially because he was lying it was not him. She had a hidden CCTV camera and she showed him the proof. He could not say anything and she took a piss on him as a punishment.

This Japanese mistress is a kinky woman and she loves to do and to try all kinds of naughty things. She wanted to try pee fetish today and she had fun doing it at the expense of this couple that wanted to have fun with her. She took a piss on them and she had them do it to each other as well. They all had a great time with pee fetish.

This brutal mistress likes to see guys at their worst. And she loves being the one who takes them to their worst. Today she rode this guy as her human pony. She also made him drink her urine. He had to drink it from her pussy as well as lick the one that fell on the floor. She had a great time seeing him do it and loved it even more.

Princess Nikki wanted to show her friend how she deals with slaves and losers so that they do not mess with her. Her friend was tired of slaves and losers messing with her and not having respect for her. So she went to her friend princess Nikki for help. Princess Nikki showed her how to degrade and humiliate them. She took a piss on one of the slaves and she had her friend try it.

This mistress chose to teach this loser a lesson. She had never punished him since she had hired him and he took her for granted. He also took many things for granted as well. She chose to make him drink her pee so that he would know she was not one to mess with. She turned him into a human toilet and as her toilet slave, he drank her urine.

Mistress Kennya found out that this loser had tried to con her and she was not pleased. She felt betrayed and she had to punish him and make him change. She did not even want to keep him. She took a piss into his mouth using a funnel. That way, he swallowed the pee by reflex. She then chased him away from her house when she was done with him.

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