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Lucilla loves outdoor pissing, but this time it had to be done. She was out in town with no toilet so she hides behind a tree and pisses all over the ground. Her wet pussy shines in the sunlight as the golden urine sprays out on to the ground. It might be an emergency but this hot outdoor pissing still feels good. Pissing outside for all the world to see.

There is no one better at piss drinking than my toilet man. He is my own personal human toilet piss slave who loves to lay down below me while I fill his slave mouth with my hot piss. He drinks my pee until every drop is gone. I wait until my bladder is full and I squat down over his mouth so I can make him drink mouthfuls of my urine like a human toilet.

Gorgeous brunette Diana Diamond came back from a hot party and she has to pee very bad. She is in her tight purple party dress and she lifts it up to show her plump ass cheeks and than pees for you. She tinkles her hot stream out of her pussy showing off her perfect ass for you. She pisses all of her dress and down onto the floor.

The girls are spending a few days in a cottage. They have installed the human toilet at the garden. At night before going to bed all the girls need to pee. The slave is forced to be all the time under the toilet chair with a funnel in his mouth. The girls pee straight in his throat. They pee their golden streams down the funnel into his mouth.

It is a nice peeing session with Emma space. She is a really nice girl. And she likes being watched. watch her pretty naked body as she shows off her nice tits and pees hard into the bath tub. She lets the nice stream of pee come out of her pussy lips and after she is done she washes her pussy clean with water from the shower head.

When the Godess found out her favorite slave is thirsty and really needs something to drink. She realizes it is perfect for her kinky pissing fetish. She does not want to waste her urine on a normal toilet so she gets the perfect idea to piss in his mouth. He has never drank piss but is so thirsty he will drink anything. The Godess takes aim for his mouth and releases all of her golden nectar straight into his mouth.

Sexy blonde Godess gets really excited by wetting her panties. Even though she is still fully clothed she lets go. Her urine splashes all over her wet pants. She now takes off the wet pants and gets all naked. She does not know why she likes urine so much. Not sure if it is the smell or the taste? The feeling she gets when pissing is unparalled. Her golden urine freely flows all over her body. This is really as horny as it gets for her.

After shaving her pussy the misstress quickly has to pee. She is in a kinky mood and takes out her new smartphone so she can tape her pissing session and share it with the world. It is not the first time she does this, for some reason she loves it when people watch her pee and tell her what they think of it. Her juicy nectar splashing in the toilet bowl really excites her

Sexy Mistress is in a kinky mood. She goes to the bathroom but instead of just pissing in the toilet she lets her golden juicy urine flow in the sink. Watching her urine splash in the sink is what she feels like doing when she is home alone. Her pussy gets so wet by watching her own urine. She doesn't know why she likes it so much but it really turns her on. Watching her own juicy urine splash in the sink is what she does for fun

Blonde pissing queen has a weird fetish. She loves to piss in the sink. Even though she is standing in the bathroom already she just feels like pissing in the sink and watching herself in the mirror while she does it. She has even gone so far that she video records herself pissing and uploads this to the internet. She wants as many people as possible to watch her piss. Weird blonde pissing queen has strange fetishes.

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