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When bored, there is no telling what this mistress is capable of doing. She wanted to do some crazy things today and that is what she ended up doing. The mistress undressed outside her house and she took a piss. She even taped herself doing it and she did not care what anyone who saw her would have thought or said. She was trying it for the first time and it felt great for her.

Princess Nikki and princess Sara wanted this guy to lick their pussies but he disappointed them by not doing it as well as they wanted. They felt wasted and had to punish him for it. The mistresses turned on the guy and they used their pee fetish to punish and torture him. He did not have a choice but to drink the pee and promise to do better if given another chance.

This mistress was broke and she went to this nasty dude to borrow some money. He saw an opportunity to take advantage of her as she was in a vulnerable position. The guy asked the mistress to pee on herself and she did. Next, he asked her to drink her urine and he had no choice. When she was done drinking the urine, the guy gave her the money he had promised her.

When this couple went around town pissing off everyone and pretending to be the couple of the century, they did not know that there were consequences. They just acted as if they could do whatever they wanted. They pissed off mistress Gaia who had kept her distance but now they had to learn a lesson. She turned them into toilet slaves and made the drink her urine and also lick each other's assholes.

Mistress Amal and mistress Rosella love hardcore sex and like being fucked hard. But this guy who had a rare opportunity to fuck them together could not deliver what they expected. And since their expectations were high, they took matters into their own hands and they humiliated him. The mistresses made him lick their pussies and rub their clits until they came. Then they turned him into a toilet slave and peed on him.

Mistress Julia and her boyfriend had an argument. He was making a point and used the example that she could not pee on herself because she knew it was wrong. But to prove that she did not care, the mistress stood up and she peed on herself as he watched. Her boyfriend was speechless as she did it and proudly stood in front of him to show him what she had done.

Goddess Allie had warned this loser not to mess with her but he had ignored her advice. He now had himself to blame because he was being dominated and degraded by the mistress. It was crueler than anything he had ever imagined was possible. The mistress forced the loser to drink her urine and the poor guy could not do anything other than agree and do what she asked him to do.

Mistress Austria loves being naked. Anytime she gets to the house, she undresses and then relaxes or goes about her business. It became a problem when she got a slave to live with her as she would forget he was around and she would walk around naked. When she realized, she peed on him for looking at her while she was naked. She told him it was his responsibility to remind her she was naked and to look away.

Mistress Julia is a crazy girl and she loves being crazy for no apparent reason. She knows it turns on her hot neighbor and she did it again today. He was married so he was scared to approach her and she knew it. So she did it as a way to torture him. Today she climbed on her metallic fence and she exposed her pussy as she took a piss.

Mistress Gaia had a tenant who was not cooperative. He did not pay rent on time and he did not respond to her concerns. He did not take good care of the house as well and she had had enough of him. She went out of the lease to teach him a lesson and she did this using her pee fetish. She turned him into a human toilet and made him drink her pee and promised to do worse if he did not change. He did.

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