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Mistress Melissa wanted to do something naughty for a change. And she felt she could only do it by herself. She was not going to do it with anyone because she was a novice and she was just testing waters. So she took out a camera and taped herself playing with her pussy as she took a piss. When she was done, she watched the performance to see how naughty it was.

Mistress Austria loves being naked. Anytime she gets to the house, she undresses and then relaxes or goes about her business. It became a problem when she got a slave to live with her as she would forget he was around and she would walk around naked. When she realized, she peed on him for looking at her while she was naked. She told him it was his responsibility to remind her she was naked and to look away.

Goddess Allie loves to play pranks on people. She was mad at her boyfriend because he had done what she had warned him about and he had also pranked her too. So she wanted to humiliate and prank him for those two reasons. She made him cereal by peeing on it and then adding some milk. She then told him it was a new brand of cereal and milk she had bought.

This mistress was watching porn today when she came across piss movie. She was so into it that she resolved to try it out. She did not have anyone to try it on and she had to try it on by herself. So she took a glass and she took a piss inside. She also peed on her underwear a little before she acted as if she was using both of them to humiliate a loser. She longed to have a slave of her own so that she could do all manner of things to him.

Goddess Antonella entered her slave's room without knocking and she was surprised to find him masturbating to her photos. She did not want him to objectify her so she punished him to make sure it did not happen again. He was already naked so she did not need to make him strip naked. She humiliated him and she got him to drink her urine as punishment before she allowed him to clean up and put on his clothes.

Mistress Julia loves playing with pee. As she sat down and thought about all the things she has done with pee, she found out that she had never peed on herself. She did not waste any time in doing that. She went and drank more water and then she waited for the urge to pee. She positioned her camera well and she peed on herself. Her leggings were wet just the way she wanted it.

Mistress Sarah and mistress Niki discovered this guy was loaded and they wanted a piece of his cash. He was a naughty guy and he loved doing kinky things. So the mistresses lured him for some fun and they made him drink their pee as well as sniff their pussies. They teased and denied him, which is something he had never experienced as girls always did what he wanted. They controlled him and financially dominated him.

These Asian mistresses are naughty and this guy wanted to kick it with these naughty girls. He felt there could only be fun to be had. What he did not know was that they were going to have fun at his expense. He wanted to hang out with them when they wanted to try pee fetish and the mistresses chose to try it on him. They undressed and he got excited but his excitement ended when they peed on him.

Goddess Tempest kept quiet when her slave ignored her instructions. He thought he knew better so she let him do what he felt was the right thing. She knew it would not work but she let him do it. He did it and it failed. She had to teach him a lesson so that he would never disobey her again. She took a piss on him and made him drink it. He never ignored her instructions again.

Princess Nikki wanted to show her friend how she deals with slaves and losers so that they do not mess with her. Her friend was tired of slaves and losers messing with her and not having respect for her. So she went to her friend princess Nikki for help. Princess Nikki showed her how to degrade and humiliate them. She took a piss on one of the slaves and she had her friend try it.

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