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This guy had a girlfriend who loved to be fucked hardcore. She was always telling him to try new things and she got fed up of being asked that. So today he did it without her expecting it. He choked her and pulled her hair as he fucked her hard and even peed on her face and on her hair. It was such a turn on for both of them and was their best sex ever.

Goddess Andova wanted this guy to learn that she was not a pushover. He was making it a habit to take advantage of her and she did not like it. So she put an end to that habit by forcing him to drink her pee. She turned him into a human toilet and had him drink her hot urine directly from her pussy. And for good measure, she got him to lick her pussy.

This hairy mistress wanted to have fun at the expense of her boyfriend. He had had fun at her expense before and now it was her turn. She had checked out what she wanted to do and she had settled on pee. She had fun with her piss movie fetish and it was a lot of fun for her. She tried her best to make it interesting for him too so that she could do it again with him and to him.

Princess Nicole and her friends Fany, Maya and lady Ines had the time of their lives while peeing on this loser. He had not done anything to deserve the treatment they gave him. He just happened to be near them when they made the decision to try pee fetish. So they made a piss movie with him as their human toilet and did not bother with how he felt as they degraded him.

Goddess Anita was asked by her friend to punish these two losers. She agreed to it because she did not have anything better to do. The mistress chose to dominate and to torture the guys using her pee as well as with her strapon. She forced them to deepthroat it and also used it to fuck them in the ass. When that was done, she peed on them and chased them away.

Mistress Melissa is a horny girl as she loves to bang all the time. Today the mistress wanted to do some naughty things so she took a video of herself playing with her pussy and she ended up making it wetter than it was before that. In addition, the mistress used her pee to keep herself busy after she had cum. It was not scripted and she did it on camera.

Lady Stefanie collected her pee after she had drank different kinds of fluids. Her slave did not know it and she had fun making him drink all sorts of urine for her enjoyment. He had assumed that if they were naked and near each other, all that would follow for them would be sex but it never came to happen that way. All that happened was him being degraded.

Princess Nikki and princess Sara wanted this guy to lick their pussies but he disappointed them by not doing it as well as they wanted. They felt wasted and had to punish him for it. The mistresses turned on the guy and they used their pee fetish to punish and torture him. He did not have a choice but to drink the pee and promise to do better if given another chance.

This mistress was broke and she went to this nasty dude to borrow some money. He saw an opportunity to take advantage of her as she was in a vulnerable position. The guy asked the mistress to pee on herself and she did. Next, he asked her to drink her urine and he had no choice. When she was done drinking the urine, the guy gave her the money he had promised her.

Mistress Amal and mistress Rosella love hardcore sex and like being fucked hard. But this guy who had a rare opportunity to fuck them together could not deliver what they expected. And since their expectations were high, they took matters into their own hands and they humiliated him. The mistresses made him lick their pussies and rub their clits until they came. Then they turned him into a toilet slave and peed on him.

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