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Lie down you loser slave. I am going to humiliate you by making you drink my piss. I was nice enough to make a funnel with a glass so you won't miss a drop. Just lie there still and I will squat down over your face. I put the funnel right next to my pussy so my warm piss will go right from my pussy into your mouth and you have to drink it.

Mistress Hanna and her friend Jacky take their slave Joschi out in the woods so they can piss on him outdoors. They stand over him and give him a proper golden shower. He holds his head up and opens his mouth so he can drink the piss, but much of it runs down his entire body soaking him in their golden nectar. They love pissing on slaves outdoors and humiliating them.

Lady Jessica knows what she wants and you are going to give it to her. She wants to watch you drink her piss. She fills a glass to the rim with her golden urine and yells at you, commanding that you drink it. She loves to empty her bladder into a glass and make piss slaves like you drink it up by yelling insults at you until you do her bidding.

Bizarrlady Jessica walks with around with her sissy slave Jonas - of course he has to crawl on all fours like the dog he is! But then she wants to further humiliate him. She drinks some orange juicy. Jonas gets something else. She takes a plate, fills it with water and puts some hot spices in there. Jonas has to drink the spicy liquids. But then she decides to give him something else - her pee! He has to drink it out of the bowl too...!

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